Protect Your Boats and Personal Watercraft This Season

pensacola insurance It's summer time in Pensacola Florida and that means it's time to get the boats and personal watercraft ready for the water.  In the hurry to charge the batteries, air up the trailer tires, load the cooler and life jackets, don't forget about insuring them with the proper insurance. Here are a few things to remember that may help make your summer outings more enjoyable.
  • Charge your batteries to make sure that they are in...
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Protecting your home during winter months

freeze Did you know that Progressive Insurance says that they had over 30,000 claims due to frozen pipes and that the average claim was over $10,000.  You may say to yourself, "We live in Florida , the Sunshine State, I don't have to worry" but our winters can get pretty cold here in Pensacola and can cause several problems if you don't prepare and protect your home. Here are a few things you can do to protect your...
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4 Ways to Protect your ATV

Here are 4 ways to keep your ATV/UTV safe


Lock It Up!

Just because your ATV, UTV or Golf Cart is in your garage doesn’t guarantee that someone won’t steal it.  If a thief knows what's behind the garage door, the will go to great legnths to get it if they want.   Always lock up your vehicle while it’s in the garage, make it hard...
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