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Kittrell Insurance in Pensacola, Florida offers many auto insurance policies to cover your car, truck or SUV.  Contact us today and we will get you a free quote for auto insurance.  Don’t get car insurance from anyone else before talking to us first or you may pay too much for car insurance.

Tips to make your car Hurricane Ready

Tips to make sure your car is hurricane-readyWith most of your focus on your family and home, you may not think much about your car during a hurricane. But, it may just be your key to safety if you need to evacuate. Make sure your car is ready and that you understand how to drive in severe... Read more

Safeco Auto Insurance Savings

Here is some news about Safeco Auto Insurance: 72% of customers that reported savings when switching their auto insurance to Safeco from another carrier saved on average $363 annually. Call John and Theresa Kittrell and let's "Switch and Save" on your auto insurance. 850-484-0862 or 850-477-4716
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Progressive Auto Insurance Savings

One of the best things about Progressive Auto Insurance is that they offer many different policies. Depending upon your budget, they will offer you options that fit into your budget and allow you to meet the minimum requirements that are laid out by your state. Sometimes, their policies have to be unique to fit into a budget and still meet the laws, but this is what draws many customers to them. Call John & Theresa Kittrell for your quote today at 850-477-4716 or 850-484-0862 and...
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